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July 2016

The summit of serenity

In the Amatola district, a wise old mountain thrusts its beauteous self out of the Earth and gazes into the vastness of its surroundings. Dense, green jungle encircles and embosoms this entire colossal mountain, like a mother embraces her child with her whole body weight and soul. Standing at the foot of the mountain, this blanket of forestry allows you the pleasurable honor of sighting a few waterfalls peering out and their nourishment flowing through the vegetation.The three hogs Continue reading “The summit of serenity”

Playing the game, but by whose rules?

Having arrived for Ga(y)Me(n)Play an hour early, I observe the cast members’ warming up, led effortlessly by the dynamic choreographer, Kamogelo Molobye, and his towering, slender frame. Captivated by the cast’s total control of their bodies as they leap around the stage, I watch as the warm-up flows seamlessly into the play itself.

Kamogelo Molobye, choreographer of Ga(y)me(n) Play. Molobye is in the second year of his Master’s degree at The University Currently Known As Rhodes. Image Source: Cue/Megan Kelly.

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