Khinali B. – is 1/5 of our original African blend. Born and bred in the warm city of Durban, she has grown to create her own understanding of self-expression as a journey of experiences and experiments. She is an avid lover of The Beatles, so jump on her Yellow Submarine and enjoy the ride!
Ash D. – is a gardening enthusiast, lover of the written word, and an aspiring activist. She plans to fumble her way through third year with pen and paper in hand, exploring, learning, and documenting the stuff she discovers along the way.


Gabi B-L. – is a sport-and-dog-loving feminist passionate about the colourful things in life. Having lived in both the Middle East and the UK for a total of six years, she hopes her worldliness will contribute to all things expressive.



Nereesha P. – is a lover of literature, music and procrastination. You’ll find her with her nose in a book or nodding to the beat of her own drum (and piano and recorder). If you happen to fall in love with fictional characters too, Nereesha’s the fix for you.








Tegan V. – is a vibrant being who inhales the aromas of life. Whether she’s conquering the deep ends of the pool or just getting to know the people of the world, trust Tegan to be the highlight on your screen.