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Who says big girls can’t f*****g swear?

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Swearing is a touchy subject for some of us. Whether it is to express frustration, to be obscene, to be provocative or to be intentionally hurtful, not everyone tolerates profanity.

For someone like me, whose self-imposed cussing limit is ‘damn’, ‘hell’, ‘bloody’ and ‘bugger’; who constantly shrieks ‘flip’ and ‘sherbet’ instead of their more colourful counterparts; and who cringes at hearing the tamest terms like ‘ass’ and ‘b***h’; you can imagine how much I wilt when people let loose and casually drop the F-bomb and the like in front of me. To avoid coming off as snooty, I don’t say anything instead of revealing my discomfort. Continue reading “Who says big girls can’t f*****g swear?”

Slang: South Africa’s 12th (un)official language

South Africa is made up of over 52 million people living across nine provinces, all little countries in their own right. Like cans of paint, South Africans come in a variety of colours, making up a rainbow unlike any other you’ve ever seen. This – along with the different races, 11 official languages (that come with countless dialects), ethnicities, creeds and sexualities – makes us diverse. Yet at the same time, our diversity unifies us in that we’re able to integrate one another’s cultures to forge a common, colourful South African identity.

But when it comes to slang, we’re a lekker kwaai bunch, Continue reading “Slang: South Africa’s 12th (un)official language”

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