A place. A home. A sanctuary.

Your haven.

A place where the heart awakens; the soul is contentedly entangled among the soil and thoughts are seamless. Endless are the days of infinite tranquillity, where the present is an incredulous gift, with the future peacefully wondering in the distant.

Humans tend to attach themselves to a place and allow it to embrace their beings like wrapping paper hugs a present. This may either be temporary or permanent, but something about this particular place keeps them grounded.

Without this place’s distinct aura, features, or people, you feel like an accountant trying to become a dentist overnight. Dumbfounded. Lost.

When trying to narrow down what it is about this geographical speck on the world map that holds you there, like the 152 year old librarian who never leaves, your tongue drops to your shins. You simply cannot assemble the words. All you know is, “I just cannot see myself anywhere else, but here.”

The reason for cementing one’s presence to a place differs for every human but the commonalities remain; somewhere, somehow, a place grows on us and we grew in that place.

Sometimes, a place is like a telepathic dietitian; the nutrients one’s being currently craves flurries our way, like an ensemble of leaves frolicking in the wind. The earth dishes one’s innate necessities into our laps, with or without awareness or approbation. It does not necessarily mean that this place appeases our life’s appetite indefinitely. Instead, the place serves the job of a polystyrene cup. It does not necessarily mean that you would replace it with a wine glass, but it’s better than drinking warm coffee from your hands.

For some, a place can leave them feeling desolate and hopeless. Their existence in this destination is as pointless as Hulk wearing a tutu. Their mind wonders to anywhere else, other than where their feet are currently touching the ground.

For others, the dentist’s elderly secretary’s eagle tattoo, which has started to look like a sunburnt seagull, cannot be more attached to this location than their souls. Their unique forms of expressions are free to grow and be moulded by this environment.

“Home is wherever I’m with you.”

Specific people enveloped by a place are what lures us closer and keeps our two paws firmly stationary in these places. These people, our soul people, ignite the ingrained aspects and features of us as unique creation. Their presence in this place and moment reminds one how exquisite and revitalising it is to feel the raindrops stroking one’s cheeks and the sea sand embrace one’s feet. Wondrous beings could be anywhere else right now, but they happen to effortlessly be in this place together, experiencing life in its purest form.

Mmatshilo Motsei emphasises the importance of a spiritual home, distinct from a ‘physical’ home. Once we, as grotesque and abnormal beings, accept our faults and unique habits as being a part of us, the path of self-acceptance is cast upon us. Our internal acceptance rushes through the chasm of our blood flow and manifests itself effortlessly in the core of our soul. Our new home. This ‘spiritual’ home provides comfort and solace in any physical place a person may find themselves in. A place becomes a location where you are destined to be.

The vast array of stars, shimmering like bats’ eyes from the uncharted air of darkness, has travelled many light years only to be visible from planet Earth. The existence of stars is inevitable and cannot be denied due to our inability to see them all the time.

Sometimes, the darkness clouding feelings and perspectives about a place inhibits one from seeing its purpose at a particular time. Perhaps the flicker of light is camouflaged behind our internal, emotional place, which alters the way we regard the physical place.

Once the shooting star has finally disintegrated and a human retina captures this celebration in the air, its infinite purpose becomes apparent. Our purpose in this place — and this place in us — is clear. Something in us needed this place at that moment, for a greater purpose.

Time and place. They go together like a star in space.

Tegan Voges