I am not particularly skilled with musical instruments. I have dabbled in playing the piano, the recorder (who hasn’t?), and the drums. At the moment, I’m trying my hand(s) with the guitar and the ukulele. Despite a touch of natural rhythm, I still struggle through the rest. I am not talented with paintbrush or sketchpad, although I really wish I was. I engage in colouring as a medium to destress and relax, although I continue to over-analyse my colour choices. I am not going to be the next Lorde, or Beyoncé. My vocal range comes to a grand total of a single note (middle C, for those who were wondering).

While this was rather devastating when I realised, I’m coming to terms with it. I can work a pen with some grace, after all.

As a result, most of my creative expression flows into my writing. I was an avid reader growing up, which instilled in me an enduring love of the written word as well as aspirations to write. I am still (and undoubtedly always will be) refining the skill, but the exploration and development that comprise the process always remind me of my impetus.

This love of reading and writing informed my decisions for ‘Life After High School.’ I am fortunate to be studying Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University. I have been afforded the opportunity not only to develop and refine my writing, but to broaden my schemas of the world as well.

Naturally, self-expression is multifaceted. This is evident in the art sprawled across the skin of expressives, in the jewellery placed in and on that skin, in the hair atop the head and in the clothes draped over the form. I employ these methods of self-expression extensively. I currently have 11 piercings, one tattoo (the rest are coming), and my hair has been brown, red, orange, blonde, blue, green, turquoise, pink, purple, and a kaleidoscope of colour all at once. I delight in connecting with others over these forms of expression, as aspects of our experiences are often echoed in others’.

I am fascinated by experimentations with forms of expression. Humans and their passions are fluid, dynamic: subject to perpetual change. Combined with the rapid spread of globalisation and the ever-increasing interconnectedness of people across the globe, cultures and pursuits are being shared and explored ubiquitously. The effects and results of these pursuits frequently enrich our lives and cultures. I am currently planning to explore the nuances of yoga and spirituality as forms of expression.

I firmly believe in the necessity of creative outlets in order to maintain homeostasis in life, especially for those with an absence of talent in some popular areas of creativity (like myself). I remedy this by pouring the remainder of my creative energy into growing and maintaining a veritable jungle on my balcony, colouring, various body modifications and other small, everyday forms. I believe that interests and activities used as mediums of expression are a common thread throughout humanity. I plan to discover, explore and document these interests in a series of themed profiles.

I am eager to explore further the fundamental nature of creative and expressive pursuits and to experience the various ways in which people place pint-sized pieces of their soul into their passions. 

“Live the life you love. Love the life you live.” – Bob Marley.