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The summit of serenity

In the Amatola district, a wise old mountain thrusts its beauteous self out of the Earth and gazes into the vastness of its surroundings. Dense, green jungle encircles and embosoms this entire colossal mountain, like a mother embraces her child with her whole body weight and soul. Standing at the foot of the mountain, this blanket of forestry allows you the pleasurable honor of sighting a few waterfalls peering out and their nourishment flowing through the vegetation.The three hogs Continue reading “The summit of serenity”

Keeping the child in you alive: Part One

You might have noticed that shelves in bookshops have been taken over by colouring books. If you aren’t up to date with what’s going on, this might seem ridiculous and childish. and Why are they prioritising colouring books over actual pieces of literature? This post introduces a series of answers, so welcome to part one of Keeping the Child in You Alive.

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